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What are the benefits of Functional Electrical Stimulation?

What are the benefits of Functional Electrical Stimulation?

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) host a number of benefits. It is a useful treatment modality that is suitable for both children and adults and has shown to be highly effective. FES can be used in conjunction with an exercise program to help increase strength and decreasing pain.

It assists an individual in the ability to complete functional activities such as the ability to wash and dress and eat and drink in a smooth controlled manner

The portable unit can be easily disguised in a pocket and provides electrical stimulation through the small gelled electrodes which are in contact with the skin.

FES is most commonly used in individuals who may suffer from foot drop. The electrical stimulation pulls the toes up providing a smooth walking gait and reduces the likelihood of falls. It can improve an individual's confidence in addition to the distance and speed of each stride.

Overall an individual is will benefit from an increased quality of life through improvements in social interactions.

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