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Physiotherapy Treatment for Epilepsy

Physiotherapy Treatment for Epilepsy

Physiotherapy treatment is usually for the secondary complications from falls such as broken bones or a head injury.

Treatment can include:

  • Education is the main treatment, to help prevent injury. For example padding out sharp corners in the house to prevent damage if fallen on. Advice on special swimming equipment to prevent drowning in a seizures happens in the pool.
  • Treatment for broken bones will be after the fracture site has completely healed or is classed as stable (this is usually from open reduction and internal fixation). Upper limb usually takes 6-8 weeks and lower limb can take 8-12 weeks. Physiotherapy treatment after this is usually consists of strengthening muscles that have got weaker from being immobilised and stretching muscles that are stiff from being in the cast for such a long period of time.

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