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The Effects of Charcot Marie Tooth

The Effects of Charcot Marie Tooth

The effects of CMT can vary among people, depending on the type of CMT but even people with the same type can experience different symptoms.

Early symptoms:

  • Your child may seem clumsy or accident prone
  • Problems walking and can drag their feet or not pick their feet up

Main symptoms (these usually appear between ages 5-15 years):

  • Muscle weakness firstly in their legs and then ankles and feet
  • Having a high medial longitudinal arch (arch in the inside of your foot) or a flat arch (flat feet)
  • Toes that are curled, also known as hammer toes
  • When your child walks they may over bend their knees to prevent their feet from dragging
  • Poor sensation in arms and feet
  • Poor circulation which causes cold hands and feet
  • Wasting of muscle in the lower legs
  • Suffers with fatigue/tiredness and doesn't seem to want to move around.
  • Scoliosis (which is a deformity of the spine causing it to look like an "S" shape from the back)

Later symptoms:

  • Reduced ability to carry out fine motor tasks such as doing up shirt buttons
  • Damaged nerves can also cause neuropathic pain, but this is less common

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