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What is an Acquired Brain Injury?

What is an Acquired Brain Injury?

An acquired Brain injury is an injury that has occurred after birth, meaning that the child wasn't born with the injury. The injury can either be traumatic or non-traumatic. A traumatic brain injury in children can occur from a car accident or a fall and is most common in children under 4 or over 15. A non-traumatic brain injury can occur from a brain tumour damaging parts of the brain or by an infection such as meningitis.

A child's brain continues to develop until they are around 20 years old, and depending on their age depends on whether they use that part of the brain. For example if a 4 year old has frontal lobe damage the effects of this might not be evident until they are older as this part of the brain is responsible for problem solving and decision making, which are skills that aren't used till the child is around 10. Children may appear to make a full recovery from their brain injury but the true effects of the injury may take months to years depending on where the injury is, the degree of the injury and how old the child is.

The brain is classed as the command centre of the body and every brain works slightly differently, as everyone has different strengthens and weaknesses. Therefore every brain injury results in different effects. Brain injuries can be classed as mild, moderate and severe but this doesn't explain how your child will be affected by their injury. A child with a severe injury could have no long term problems, where as a child with a mild injury could have long term difficulties.

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