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Treatment for Machado-Joseph Disease

Treatment for Machado-Joseph Disease

Machado Joseph Disease is a progressive disease which means the symptoms will get worse over time and unfortunately at the present time, there is no cure. However, there are a number of health professionals who can help to manage the symptoms and maximise quality of life.

A specialist neurological physiotherapist will complete a detailed assessment of the individuals muscle strength, pain, sensation, balance and quality and range of movement. The individual's ability to move around and complete day to day activities will be discussed and a list of problems surmised. Physiotherapy treatment will focus on the achievement of specific functional goals in the clinic or home environment.

Your doctor can help in the treatment of Machado Joseph disease by prescribing medication to target specific symptoms. Levodopa is a drug used to treat muscle rigidity and tremor which are symptoms similar to those involved in Parkinson?s disease. Anti-spasticity drugs such as baclofen or botulinum toxin (botox) injections can help with spasticity and tights muscles.

An experienced speech and language therapist can also help an individual with Machado Joseph disease by providing oral exercises and teaching strategies to help improve speech and facilitate effective communication between the patient and carers. Speech and language therapists also assess the ability to swallow in order to enable safe eating and drinking.

Other health professionals that may be involved in the management of an individual with Machado Joseph disease are occupational therapists to provide aids and equipment to facilitate functional activities and assess cognition and orthotists to assess vision and improve sight.

Machado-Joseph Disease

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