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What causes Vestibular difficulties?

What causes Vestibular difficulties?

The brain copes with disorientating signals from the inner ears but rely on signals from the ears, ankles and legs to help maintain balance. Damage to the vestibular structures of the inner ear which work by the way of the vestibulocochlear nerve with the vestibular centre in the brain to help re-position and balance the body.

Balance disorders may be caused by bacterial infection in the ear, although problems usually occur in adults over the age of 40 years it is not uncommon for vestibular problems to arise in children. Difficulties with the nervous or circulatory system may be the source of some postural or balance problems. Problems in the skeletal or visual systems may cause balance problems.

Meniere's disease is associated with a change in fluid volume within the labyrinth, it causes episodes of vertigo, irregular heading loss and a feeling of ringing or buzzing in the ear.

Our Vestibular rehabilitation therapy can help with symptoms such as:

  • Vertigo and dizziness
  • Balance training to improve spatial orientation
  • Clumsiness or difficulty with co-ordination
  • Postural re-alignment and education
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Reactive balance to prevent falls
  • Lower limb strength
  • Confidence and self esteem

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