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Physiotherapy treatment for Talipers

Physiotherapy treatment for Talipers

The most common form of treatment for Talipes is known as the 'Ponseti method'. This requires physiotherapist gently manipulating the baby's foot and can begin from 2 weeks after birth. Once in the correct position, a plaster cast is put on to hold the baby's foot in correct alignment. After one week the cast is removed and then repositioned and recast, sometimes a small surgical operation may be necessary which requires releasing some tension from the Achilles to allow the foot to drop, this form of treatment is effective in 85% of cases.

If your child is diagnosed with club foot, physiotherapy treatment is advised immediately in order to guarantee its effectiveness. Treatment is likely to involve and extensive stretching program which will aim to lengthen any tight muscles in the foot causing the abnormality with assistance from splints, plaster casts or specialised boots to hold the feet apart.

If a child has undertaken surgery to lengthen tension from the Achilles tendon, physiotherapy treatment will be required post-surgery to ensure the foot maintains range of movement around the joint during the healing process. The physiotherapist will use passive movements to encourage normal movement and prevent any stiffening. In some cases your child may have a 'relapse' of their club foot, this sometimes occur if treatment isn't followed out as advised. This will require some stages of treatment to be repeated. Our physiotherapist will provide ongoing treatment to ensure your child adopts a normal walking pattern as soon as they begin to standing.

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