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Physiotherapy for Avascular Necrosis

Physiotherapy for Avascular Necrosis

Physiotherapy for Avascular Necrosis is usually advised from the GP, it is likely to involve a form of bracing. Walking aids such as crutches or a wheelchair will be necessary to reduce the amount of weight bearing at the early stages of the condition as this will allow the bone time to heal. Heat is useful for reducing pain. Your physiotherapist may do mobilisations; these hands on technique will require the physiotherapist to gradually move the joint through its range to prevent any swelling and to encourage blood supply to the area.

If a joint replacement has occurred the physiotherapist will focus of regaining range of motion at the joint followed by strengthening program. Areas which are particularly important to strengthen include the back and core as they play a large role in the stabilisation of the hip.

Electrical stimulation will help to improve bone growth. Hydrotherapy is effective in the condition as the heat of the pool increases the blood supply at the area and the buoyancy of the water ensures there is no weight bearing which can aggravate the pain around the area.

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