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Physiotherapy treatment for rotationplasty

Physiotherapy treatment for rotationplasty

Physiotherapy treatment for rotationplasty is crucial to help regain function and strength, surgery will leave the child feeling weak in addition to chemotherapy treatment and looks of activity. A physiotherapist will assist in improving range of motion at the new joint followed by a strengthening program one the orthopaedic surgeon has achieved it is safe to fully weight bear through the leg.

An extensive stretching program should be undertaken. The physiotherapist and prosthetist will work together to help progress transfers such as sitting to standing and walking in parallel bars which will help the child in balance. Surrounding muscles are likely to get tight so the importance of stretching is vital to prevent shortening of the surrounding structures.

Regular goals will be set between the child and prosthesis to ensure they are confident and comfortable in their transfers and the use of any mobility aids. The importance of stretching and strengthening is vitally important in order to maintain physical function around the limb.

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