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What is Microcephaly?

What is Microcephaly?

Microcephaly is a rare neurological disorder where the circumference of a child's head is smaller than other children their age and gender.

  • Microcephaly is mainly caused by the inheritance of a defect gene which interferes with the brain's ability to grow and mature.
  • In some cases microcephaly is caused by something that affects the mother during pregnancy: substance abuse, inadequate nutrition, exposure to viruses such as chicken pox and rubella, and toxins. Damaging the brain tissue can result in the brain not developing at a normal rate and therefore the scull grows at a slower pace creating a smaller skull.
  • A baby could be born healthy but could then acquire microcephaly because of: lack of oxygen to the brain, an infection or a brain injury.
  • Microcephaly can also be related to another disorder such as down syndrome or certain neurometabolic disorders

Mircocephaly can cause impaired motor function, learning disabilities and difficulty with balance physiotherapy at Manchester Neuro Physio can help with all of these affects.

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