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SaeboStretch benefits

What are the benefits of the SaeboStretch?

The SaeboStretch has many benefits that conventional, rigid splints are unable to offer. These are: The SaeboStretch protects your joints:

Conventional splints are constructed from rigid materials that do not allow any movement of the fingers. Many individuals find that the tone in their hand changes as they change position, move, walk, cough, sneeze etc. In a conventional, unbending, static splint this can cause the fingers to move in relation to the splint. This can lead to poor positioning in the splint and increased stress on the finger and wrist joints. This stress can lead to hyperextension of the finger joints, joint damage, deformities, hypermobility and contractures.

Unlike the rigid splints above, the SaeboStretch has a unique flexible hand piece that allows the fingers to move through flexion if tone in the hand / wrist is increased. The theory behind the SaeboStretch is that the splint will give before the fingers do. The SaeboStretch utilises a low load, long duration stretch to safely return the fingers to the desired extended position. Each SaeboStretch comes with three different grades of SaeboStretch hand piece. Each of these offers a different level of resistance to allow the splint to meet your needs exactly.

The SaeboStretch positions the hand:

The SaeboStretch allows the hand to be positioned in the best possible position due to:

  • Strapping system that uses anatomical points and a series of slots and cut outs to maximize control, insure an intimate fit and keep the fingers right where you want them.
  • Malleable wrist and thumb mount allows your physiotherapist to further customize the fit with ease.
  • Non-slip strap material and design help keep the fingers in the desired position.
  • Palmar arch padding to help maintain the palmer arch.
  • Breeth-O-Preen covering to allow moisture to wick away enhancing skin integrity and hygiene.

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