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Stroke Physiotherapy Treatment

Stroke Physiotherapy Treatment

Around half of stroke survivors are left with significant disability. The brain is, however, very adaptable and, with physiotherapy, recovery can take place over a period of years. Patients often have a rapid period of recovery in the first few months after a stroke followed by a slower recovery over the following years. To gain the maximum recovery, physiotherapy treatment should be continued once you leave hospital.

You will be discharged from hospital when you are medically stable. Being discharged from hospital does not mean that you will not improve further. Your rehabilitation should continue as soon as you leave hospital. With the correct physiotherapy input and advice you still have lots of potential to improve over the coming years.

In the NHS, many stroke patients and their families are told that they have either reached their rehab potential, or have no significant rehab potential. This can often be misleading, because the NHS will make decisions very soon after an individual has had a stroke, based on restricted NHS resources. These restrictions do not allow long-term treatment, therefore, many patients do not receive physiotherapy or treatment is only provided for a brief period.

With the correct level of physiotherapy input, long term improvements can still be made. Manchester Neuro Physio commonly see individuals who have been discharged from the NHS with ?no rehab potential? go on to make significant improvements.

For example:

  • Bed bound patients regaining sitting balance
  • Patients requiring hoist transfers becoming independent with transfers
  • Patients being told they will never walk again on discharge, walking with a mobility aid

During your initial assessment you will discuss your short and long term rehabilitation goals. These goals will then be at the centre of your rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy will assist you in regaining as much movement and function as possible. Treatment often focuses on sitting balance, standing balance, walking, using your affected arm / hand and managing any changes in muscle tone, pain or stiffness.

Neurological stroke physiotherapy can help:

  • improve balance and walking
  • increase ability to roll / move in bed / sit / stand
  • reduce muscle spasms, pain and stiffness
  • increase strength
  • retrain normal patterns of movement
  • increase affected arm and leg function
  • increase energy levels
  • increase independence and quality of life
  • reduce the risk of falls

After a stroke may people experience difficulties performing tasks that were previously simple. This can make everyday life a struggle for both you and those close to you. Manchester Neuro Physio will advise you on the use of walking aids, splints, supports and home equipment to make your life easier.

During treatment sessions our specialised physiotherapists will lead you through a graduated programme of functional exercises to increase your mobility and muscle control. The physiotherapists at Manchester Neuro Physio will usually teach you (and your family members / carers if appropriate) exercises to be continued between appointments.

Manchester Neuro Physio provide services for carers, care homes and organisations as well as individuals. We are able to provide manual handling training sessions for carers, care homes and families. This training involves teaching safe therapeutic handling and positioning techniques that will promote normal movement patterns and normal postural alignment of patients to those caring for them. The therapeutic use of specific hoists and slings can also be taught. Where required postural, bed, seating and wheelchair assessments can be carried out by our specialist physiotherapists. Following this assessment our physiotherapists can refer you to appropriate NHS or private services to enable you to obtain the recommended equipment.

Having a stroke is a life changing event. Many individuals feel low in mood and have reduced confidence following a stroke. At Manchester Neuro Physio we aim to make our treatment sessions effective and enjoyable. Many patients develop close relationships with our physiotherapists. This, combined with increased function and independence, allows our patients to lead as fulfilling lives as possible.

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