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Conversion disorder

Introduction to Conversion disorder

Conversion disorder is a condition where a person presents with physical symptoms such as weakness, tingling, blindness or fits which cannot be explained by a medical condition. It is known as a psychiatric disorder where anxiety is thought to be converted into physical symptoms.

Diagnosis is made by a neurologist who must exclude the presence of neurological disease. This may involve brain scans such as MRI or CT scanning as well as blood tests. Deliberate feigning of symptoms must also be excluded for a diagnosis to be confirmed as in true conversion disorder the patient does not have conscious control over their symptoms. Establishing a psychological stressor that may be attributable in the development of the condition is considered to be more difficult in diagnosis of conversion disorder.

Physiotherapy treatment is essential in the management of people with conversion disorder to allow them to overcome their physical symptoms and prevent secondary complications such as muscle weakness and stiffness that may occur as a result of inactivity.

Conversion disorder

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